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Areas Of Specialty

Cognitive Processing Issues

Areas Of Specialty

Cognitive Processing Issues

Private Case Management for Cognitive Disabilities in Boca Raton

Millions of Americans suffer from a traumatic brain injury (TBI) every year. A TBI can cause lasting cognitive impairment and even other mental health conditions. It’s estimated that nearly 50% of people with a TBI develop clinical depression. Depending on the severity of the injury, recovery can be slow and challenging. This can be exacerbated by compounding barriers to successful treatment, such as navigating disability benefits or an unfamiliar healthcare system.

Case management for TBI and other cognitive disabilities helps bridge the gap between treatment plans, community services, employment opportunities, transportation, and more. At Full Life Comprehensive Care, our mission is to improve the quality of life and outlook for people suffering from cognitive impairment. 

Case managers have specialized skills in identifying resources for people with cognitive disabilities, enabling them to coordinate a custom plan for each client. Case management is proven to assist recovery for people with TBI while offering support and respite for caretakers.

What is Concierge Case Management for TBI?

Full Life Comprehensive Care offers concierge case management for people in South Florida with cognitive disabilities. This means we take an approach of “treating the whole person.” There are often unique factors that inhibit treatment plans for each client, whether they be directly or indirectly relating to their injury. A case manager identifies these factors and links clients to the appropriate resources. Case managers act as one source for you or your loved one’s treatment plan, facilitating communication between families and healthcare providers.

 Full Life Comprehensive Care offers a variety of services for TBI or cognitive disabilities, such as:

Analyzing and identifying specific needs

Addressing social-behavioral issues that arise from brain injury

Referrals to providers and facilitation of rehabilitative care

Facilitation of communication between providers and families


Life coaching

Individual and Family Therapy

Vocational coaching

Time, organizational, and anger management

Stress management and coping skills

Assistance setting appointments

Why Case Management for Cognitive Disability?

Traumatic brain injuries and cognitive disability can severely inhibit job outlook, education goals, income potential, and even trigger other emotional or behavioral disorders such as substance misuse and anger outbursts. In fact, it’s estimated that 60% of people who are incarcerated have been affected by a TBI at some time in their life. 

Case management addresses the social-behavioral issues that arise from brain injury or cognitive disorder in order to prevent negative outcomes. It improves the quality of life for people with cognitive disabilities and enables them to live life to their full potential. 

Case management also relieves stress from the family and caretakers of those living with cognitive disabilities. Especially in instances of TBI, families often feel as though they don’t know where to turn. After the emotional shock of a tragic injury, they are left needing to navigate a completely unfamiliar system. We empathize with you and understand the stress this can cause.

At Full Life Comprehensive Care, we work with individuals and families in South Florida to develop a tailored, compassionate approach. If you would like to know more about our case management services for cognitive disabilities, please call us for a free consultation.

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