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Why Choose Full Life

Why Choose Full Life

Why Choose Full Life

Our mission at Full Life Comprehensive Care is to treat the whole person, ensuring each of our clients has the resources, life skills, and support required to live a full and productive life regardless of their level of need. Our experience and level of immersion in the mental health system enable us to create a carefully tailored treatment plan for each client’s individual needs. 

Being a concierge case management company, we provide a coordinated care plan for our clients with high attention to detail. We are equipped with the experience and resources to meet the needs of complex or challenging mental health diagnoses. These include conditions such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, autism spectrum disorder, substance use disorder, and cognitive disabilities, such as traumatic brain injuries.

What Makes Full Life Different?

Full Life Comprehensive Care is a private case management company. We’re owned and operated by licensed psychotherapists, which means we have a deep understanding of the psychological effects of proper case management, especially for those with high mental health acuity. We’re also able to provide individual therapy for our clients, which reduces the number of providers, keeping case management and psychotherapy under one roof. 

At our core, we believe a holistic approach creates the best climate for success. We act as a single point of contact between providers, clients, and families, ensuring treatment goals are set and progress is monitored. 

Our diversely trained and multidisciplinary team has decades of experience in the mental health system in South Florida. This experience gives us the ability to provide assertive community engagement (ACE), which is an evidence-based model that is proven to improve positive outcomes for people with severe mental illness or high acuity.

Unlike traditional treatment, which is provided in an office or facility, ACE is a community-based treatment model focused on real-time support. When an individual leaves a facility, they may not be properly equipped with all of the tools or resources they need to succeed at home. ACE bridges this gap, providing a safety and support network for roadblocks that can arise outside of a facility.

Assertive Community Engagement is proven to:

Reduce hospitalizations and incarcerations

Increase housing security

Increase retention in treatment plans

Improve quality of life

What Is ACE?

Assertive community engagement, also known as ACE, is a multidisciplinary team approach to case management. It has a focus on consistent, caring, person-centered relationships aimed at meeting the unique needs of clients. Whether it be mental health or substance use-related, ACE is also aimed at engaging and retaining individuals in their recovery. 

The effectiveness of ACE relies on assertive community outreach. In this way, case managers are able to quickly identify barriers to client success and fill their immediate needs. This can range from transportation, medication monitoring, setting medical appointments, facilitating at-home care, referrals to providers, and much more. We are happy to be one of the few agencies in South Florida offering ACE. 

Please see our services and areas of specialty pages if you’d like to learn more about the full offering at Full Life Comprehensive Care. If you’d like to speak with an expert, please give us a call for a free, no-obligation consultation. If we aren’t a fit for your situation, we’d be happy to point you in the right direction.

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