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Areas Of Specialty

Teen Behavioral Issues

Areas Of Specialty

Teen Behavioral Issues

Private Case Management for Adolescent Behavioral Disorders in Boca Raton

Identifying solutions for a teen with a behavioral or substance use disorder can be uniquely challenging for families. Most teens are ambivalent toward treatment and are not internally motivated to seek care. They may have declining grades, mood swings, or legal trouble. Nonetheless, adolescents benefit from substance use treatment and mental health treatment programs, regardless of their internal motivation to seek care.

When a family is faced with a challenging teen they are often overwhelmed. They may not know where to turn or may even question their own parenting skills. We understand how you feel. A skilled psychotherapist can conduct an assessment with your teen, identify factors inhibiting their progress, and coordinate a well-structured treatment plan to fit their needs.

Teen Casement Management at Full Life Consulting

At Full Life Comprehensive Care, we help families put the pieces together and identify the best treatment plan for your child. If your adolescent or young adult is displaying failure-to-launch, substance use disorder, mental illness, or other behavioral problems, our experienced case managers can help. We have the experience and ability to locate the appropriate care and resources for your family.

Our licensed psychotherapists are also specialized in working with teens and meeting them where they are. Specifically, clients experience the most positive outcomes through building a trusting rapport with a case manager. Because of this, case managers must have a specific skill set to connect with your child. We pride ourselves on having the skills and demeanor required to work successfully with teens, even if they are initially ambivalent toward treatment.

What is Adolescent Case Management?

At Full Life Comprehensive Care, we develop a treatment plan for your teen and facilitate communication between providers and your family. We help identify and refer to treatment programs, monitor treatment progress, and address any social-behavioral issues that may inhibit their treatment plan.

Some of our services include:

Treatment referral

Identifying specific needs of your child

Recovery coaching

Vocational coaching

Educational opportunities and facilitation of communication between providers and educators

Time, stress, and organizational skills

Anger and mood management

Monitoring of medication

Coordination between providers, schools, and/or employers

Drug testing, if requested or required

Individual and Family Therapy

 Why Case Management For My Teen?

Adolescents require special care, as each teen has unique needs. Because teens require a certain level of bonding to trust their treatment providers, it helps to have a single point of contact monitoring their progress and facilitating care. Teens have a tendency to feel misunderstood, so a dedicated case manager can ensure they feel heard. With our years of experience working with teens and young adults in South Florida, our diversely trained staff can help parents navigate the healthcare system to provide the best recommendations for their child.

If you’d like to learn more about Full Life Comprehensive Care and whether we are a fit for your child, please contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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