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Substance Use Disorder

Areas Of Specialty

Substance Use Disorder

Private Addiction & Substance Use Disorder Case Management in Boca Raton

Over 20 million Americans (10%) over the age of 12 suffer from substance use disorder (SUD). Of this number, only 10% receive care. There are a variety of barriers to treatment that individuals face, such as the inaccessibility to care, co-occurring mental illness, criminal charges, and more. Relapse or other negative outcomes post-treatment can also pose as a barrier to recovery maintenance. 

Like other mental illnesses, substance use disorder treatment can sometimes be haphazard, leaving individuals and their families to navigate an unfamiliar system of residential programs, outpatient programs, medication-assisted programs, and support groups. Because each individual has unique needs, success and positive outcomes often require a coordinated approach. 

At Full Life Comprehensive Care, client needs are our first priority. We meet our clients where they are and help them navigate the healthcare system to best suit their individual needs. We help identify contributing factors to their substance use disorder and enable them to access solutions to anything that may inhibit their recovery, such as legal problems, childcare services, HIV or other infection treatment, co-occurring mental illness, and more. We support multiple paths to recovery and recommend an approach that will support our clients’ goals as well as support harm reduction efforts.

What is Concierge Case Management for Substance Use Disorder?

Unfortunately, it’s estimated that 50-90% of people in their first year of recovery from SUD experience relapse. That said, it’s also known that the longer people remain in recovery, the lower their likelihood of relapse. Recovery predictors increase significantly after 1 year of sustained recovery, and predictors jump to 60% after 2 years of recovery.

To help our clients reach sustained recovery from SUD, we provide case management services in South Florida such as:


Treatment referrals and placement

Assistance forming a clinical team

Coordination of transportation

Drug testing, if needed or requested

Navigation of support groups, such as AA, NA, or other 12-Step groups, SMART Recovery, Moderation Management (MM)

Individual and Family Therapy

Mental Health Diagnoses and referrals

Crisis management

Organizational skills, stress management, and time management

Vocational coaching

Recovery coaching

Facilitation of communication between providers and family members

Financial management

Medication monitoring & more

Why Case Management For Substance Use Disorder?

Case Management acts as a single point of contact for your treatment plan. To give an example of how Case Management can support addiction recovery: At Full Life Comprehensive Care, you will be matched with a licensed psychotherapist. Not only is psychotherapy an effective tool for SUD, but it’s estimated that nearly 40% of people with SUD have a co-occurring mental health disorder. Less than 10% of people with SUD and a co-occurring disorder receive treatment for both SUD and their mental illness. This common oversight can be a significant barrier to successful treatment. When matched with a case manager, these treatment plans can be merged and coordinated into one well-structured approach – treating the whole person, not just one issue by itself.

Not every client will have a co-occurring mental health condition, but every client will have unique challenges and needs. At Full Life Comprehensive Care, we provide concierge case management, which is carefully tailored for each client. Our goal is to have every client fully equipped for long-term recovery, based on their unique challenges and barriers. With our experience and full immersion in both the mental health and addiction treatment field, we have access to a variety of services and resources.

If you’d like to know more about our Substance Use Case Management services in South Florida, please contact us today for a free consultation.

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