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Comprehensive Case Management


Comprehensive Case Management

Concierge Case Management in Boca Raton

The healthcare system and network of publicly available community resources can be complex and confusing to those who are unfamiliar. When your loved one is experiencing a crisis, it can often be stressful trying to navigate the best available care. Many mental health conditions also require a comprehensive treatment plan that involves multiple health providers and support groups. Facilitating communication between providers can also add an additional layer of stress. For that reason, a case manager helps orchestrate treatment plans for their client to form one cohesive process. 

Case managers are health advocates that act as a single point of contact for your loved one, your family, and health providers. Case managers at Full Life Comprehensive Care have decades of experience and immersion in the Florida healthcare system, which means we are able to tailor a custom treatment plan for each clients’ needs. We also help families navigate resources and refer outside care depending on their situation.

What is Concierge Case Management?

When you visit an unfamiliar city and stay at a hotel, the concierge helps you find what you are looking for, provides recommendations, and facilitates transportation from point A to point B. Concierge case management works in a similar way, but for the healthcare system and community resources. 

Case managers at Full Life Comprehensive Care have a range of experience for various mental health conditions. We help assess clients, consult families, develop treatment plans, refer health providers, and facilitate communication and even transportation. A key aspect of case management is also identifying barriers to care and social-behavioral factors that may inhibit successful treatment. 

We consider our private case managers as “health advocates,” which means they advocate for a holistic approach that will prepare each client for success. We help clients set goals and monitor progress along the way, quickly addressing any new barriers that may develop over the course of care.

At Full Life Comprehensive Care, we offer private case management services for people experiencing:

With our vast experience in the healthcare system, we’re able to help your loved one reach their full potential and live a happy and productive life, regardless of their mental health condition. We specialize in case management for individuals with high acuity mental health conditions. This means we have the resources available to help clients meet their most basic needs, known as ADLs (Activities for Daily Living) and IADLs (Instrumental Activities for Daily Living).

On Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, ADLs and IADLs fall under “safety.” Without “safety” being met, individuals will experience barriers to a sense of belonging, self-esteem, and lastly – self-actualization & life purpose. Concierge case management helps individuals with mental health conditions bridge the gap between life skills and treatment plans to meet their “safety” needs, enabling them to live fuller, happier lives

Full Life Comprehensive Care can provide and help address:

Transportation needs

Medication monitoring

Diagnosis of mental health conditions


Treatment referrals

Facilitation between healthcare providers and families

Identification of barriers to successful treatment

Navigation of community resources

Food and nutrition needs

Shopping, housekeeping, laundry, and hygiene

If you’d like to know more about our concierge case management services and whether we are a right fit for your needs, please give us a call today for a free consultation. We’d be happy to provide recommendations for you or your family.

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