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Bipolar & Mood Disorders

Areas Of Specialty

Bipolar & Mood Disorders

Private Bipolar Disorder Case Management in Boca Raton

Over 2 million Americans suffer from bipolar disorder – and according to the National Institute of Mental Health, 82% of people with bipolar disorder experience “serious impairment” at some point in their life. Without proper case management, serious impairment from mood disorders can affect one’s housing security, employment, physical health, education, personal relationships, medication compliance, and more. 

Treatment for mental health disorders isn’t routine. Many individuals experiencing impairment from bipolar disorder require cohesive care coordination if they are going to have a successful treatment plan, which is usually tailored to their personal needs. This often involves a combination of medications, psychotherapy, coping skills, and support systems. 

Families often struggle with trying to facilitate conversations between professionals or navigating the mental health system. Many people also require long-term care for bipolar, which can become stressful for them and their loved ones. 

At Full Life Comprehensive Care, we help our clients gain the skills and resources they need to thrive while living with bipolar disorder. If you or a loved one is suffering from bipolar or a mood disorder, our licensed therapists and case managers are here to help. Our holistic approach provides them a comprehensive treatment plan for their bipolar disorder that will connect any missing pieces.

What is Concierge Case Management for Bipolar Disorder?

Concierge case management is a single structured service that meets the needs of clients exactly where they are. This process can be complex, but at Full Life Comprehensive Care, we provide a variety of services for bipolar case management in South Florida.

Our Services Include


Assistance forming a clinical team (e.g., psychiatrist, therapists, family therapists)

Facilitation of communication between providers and family members

Creation of short-term/long-term goals & monitoring of progress

Individual therapy

Resource linkages: food, housing, transportation, etc.

Why Case Management For Bipolar and Mood Disorders?

Mood disorders have unique challenges and treatment requirements. People living with bipolar disorder need different levels of support depending on their situation and impairment level. For dipolar disorder, case managers evaluate, refer, and provide an array of services to form a well-structured and holistic approach.

Our Services

Vocational coaching

Coping skills and stress management techniques

Educational support

Navigation of self-help and peer support meetings, such as Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance

Transportation to and from appointments

Physical exercise and nutrition

Organizational and time management skills

Setting appointments

Treating bipolar disorder isn’t just about medication. Though medication can be a critical piece of a treatment plan, all corners of life can have an effect on the retention and outcome of bipolar disorder treatment. Contact us today for a free consultation if you would like to know more about our mood disorder case management services in South Florida.

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