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Areas Of Specialty

Autism Spectrum & Developmental Issues

Areas Of Specialty

Autism Spectrum & Developmental Issues

Private Case Management in Boca Raton For Autism Spectrum and Developmental Illness

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other developmental disorders carry their own unique challenges. People with ASD often struggle with interpersonal skills, which can affect their ability to make and keep friends, carry relationships, and more. For families and caretakers, education, job opportunities, therapy, treatment plans, and coordinating a schedule for your loved one can be overwhelming. On top of it all, navigating the healthcare system and available social services can be confusing and stressful. That said, a well-structured approach can significantly improve the quality of life for people with developmental disabilities. 

At Full Life Comprehensive Care, we help individuals and families in South Florida navigate resources under one roof. Our experienced licensed psychotherapists enable people with developmental disorders to live life to their fullest, achieved via an individualized and well-coordinated care plan. We give our clients tools and resources to achieve employment, physical health, transportation, time management, stress management, and more. 

Full Life Comprehensive Care is a private, concierge service based out of Boca Raton. We specialize in developmental disorder case management and have the experience and immersion necessary to create a custom approach for each client. We consider ourselves driven by clients’ needs and are able to identify and solve the unique challenges each client faces.

What is Concierge Case Management For Autism Spectrum?

Full Life Comprehensive Care acts as a single source that facilitates communication and coordination between healthcare professionals, families, and employers.

For developmental disorder case management, we provide and refer services such as:

Treatment plans

Referrals to providers

Facilitation of communication between families and healthcare providers

Facilitation of appointments between various physicians

Interpersonal skills through social education

Individual and Family Therapy

Diagnosis of co-occurring mental health conditions

Referral and treatment for co-occurring mental health conditions

Vocational coaching

Stress, time, and anger management

Organizational skills education


Medication monitoring

Nutrition and food assistance

Why Case Management for Developmental Disorders?

Case managers are able to identify barriers to a successful treatment plan and help connect a client to the appropriate resources. To give an example: autism spectrum disorder and other developmental disorders often carry the risk of co-occurring mental health conditions or comorbidities, such as seizures. Gone untreated or undiagnosed can seriously inhibit a person living with a developmental disorder. A dedicated case manager is able to facilitate all treatment needs to form one cohesive plan. This even includes access to food assistance, transportation, education opportunities, and any other factor that can inhibit the quality of life for someone with a developmental disability.

Key benefits of Developmental Disorder Case Management are:

Relief of family stress

Improved quality of life

Improved employment outlook

Important life skills

Improved interpersonal skills

If you’d like to know more about Full Life Comprehensive Care Case Management and our services for ASD and developmental disorders in South Florida, please contact us today for a free consultation!

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