Individual Therapy


Individual Therapy

About Our Individual Therapy Services

Full Life Comprehensive Care is not strictly a case management company. We are a diversely trained team of mental health professionals, including licensed psychotherapists and Masters Certified Addiction Professionals in the State of Florida. Though we do work closely with other healthcare providers, we also offer direct individual & family therapy services for our clients. This helps limit the number of providers on a given case, which means we can provide a more coordinated approach for each client. 

Individual therapy is a proven method for treating and alleviating mental health symptoms. It has benefits for a variety of mental health conditions. Case managers will often refer out to individual therapists for their clients, but at Full Life Comprehensive Care, we provide this service as part of a client’s case management plan. 

If you are looking for a comprehensive and coordinated treatment plan for your loved one, please reach out for a free consultation. Our services are particularly effective for individuals experiencing high-acuity mental health conditions requiring an advanced level of care.

At Full Life Comprehensive Care, we provide individual and family therapy services for individuals experiencing

Depression & anxiety

Schizophrenia & other high acuity mental health conditions

Bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder (BPD), and other mood disorders

Eating disorders

Substance use disorder & addictions

Adolescent behavioral disorders

Young adult failure-to-launch

Cognitive disabilities & brain injuries

Developmental disabilities, such as autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

Trauma & post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

What Is Individual Therapy

Sometimes called counseling, individual therapy involves a licensed psychotherapist working one-on-one with a client in talk sessions. It is proven to relieve stress, grief, and anger and helps promote self-esteem, confidence, and life outlook. Individual therapy can help individuals process emotions and gain insights into unhealthy behavior patterns. 

Mental health conditions also carry the risk of co-occurring conditions. A licensed psychotherapist can help identify and diagnose any co-occurring disorders or other barriers to progress.

At Full Life Comprehensive Care, we also help our clients gain valuable life skills and set personal goals. Individual therapy cannot “cure” a mental illness. Instead, it enables individuals to initiate change in their lives, significantly reducing symptoms and negative outcomes.

At Full Life Comprehensive Care, we utilize several therapeutic approaches for individual therapy

Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT)

Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)

Narrative therapy

Motivational interviewing

Benefits of Psychotherapy

Individual therapy has a wide range of benefits. Millions of Americans benefit from psychotherapy every year, utilizing it for both severe mental illness and more common conditions, such as grief, stress, or anxiety.

Some benefits of individual therapy include

Creating a support network and accountability

Gaining personal insights, such as behavior patterns

Learning coping skills and stress management

Identifying underlying causes or triggers of symptoms

Substance use disorder & addictions

Adolescent behavioral disorders

Young adult failure-to-launch

Cognitive disabilities & brain injuries

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