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Mental Health Monitoring Services in Boca Raton

For families with a loved one with a mental health disorder or substance use disorder, treatment plan retention is a common concern. Skipping or misusing medication, missing therapy sessions, or missing doctor’s appointments can easily derail an individual from their treatment plan. For that reason, families can develop stress or worry for their loved one’s progress.

At Full Life Comprehensive Care, our monitoring services are aimed at helping individuals stay motivated while monitoring their progress. With the help of licensed psychotherapists and personal case managers, we can help alleviate worry over an individual’s progress through treatment. Whether it’s staying on top of medication, making it to appointments, or drug & alcohol testing for accountability in addiction recovery, our experienced staff has a variety of resources available to meet the needs of each client. 

If you’d like to speak with a case manager to learn more about monitoring services, please give us a call today for a free consultation!

What Are Monitoring Services?

Monitoring can help reduce stress for families while increasing motivation and success potential for clients. Unlike a probation officer, who imposes punishment for veering off course, our approach focuses on one-on-one support to meet the needs of our clients, enabling them to meet their goals. We provide support, accountability, and access to resources for our clients that will help remove barriers to their success.

At Full Life Comprehensive Care, we also help our clients gain valuable life skills and set personal goals. Individual therapy cannot “cure” a mental illness. Instead, it enables individuals to initiate change in their lives, significantly reducing symptoms and negative outcomes.

Monitoring services can include a variety of factors depending on the needs of each client. Some of our services include:

Medication monitoring

Drug testing

SoberLink Breathalyzer Devices

Appointment monitoring

Treatment progress monitoring and reports to families and medical professionals

Support group monitoring, such as participation in peer support or 12-step recovery groups

Goal setting and goal monitoring

Accountability and support

Even if an individual is participating in outpatients substance use treatment, early recovery can be fragile. SoberLink services add a layer of accountability that helps clients stay on track.

At Full Life Comprehensive Care, we don’t just monitor – we also help clients and families discover what exactly should be monitored in order to help clients achieve objective goals. We can help clients discover resources, set their goals, and celebrate their milestones. 

If you’d like to learn if Full Life Comprehensive Care is right for your loved one, please give us a call. Even if it isn’t a fit, our licensed professionals would be more than happy to point you in the right direction.

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