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Sober Transport


Sober Transport

Sober Transportation in Boca Raton

Accountability and peer support are proven to be effective tools for addiction recovery. Having reliable sober transportation can help individuals recovering from addiction get to therapy, support groups, doctors appointments, and more with decreased trigger potential. Having a sober companion can help individuals stay on track with less distractions. It also helps increase motivation to stay sober and follow their treatment plan.

For people attempting addiction recovery, travel can sometimes cause unexpected hurdles. Traveling through an airport with a bar, seeing alcohol at the store, stopping at a gas station with a beverage fridge, carrying medications while traveling – for a person in recovery, these can all pose as sudden triggers. Sober transportation can alleviate these risks while helping individuals or their families reduce stress.

If you’d like to learn about our private sober transportation services in South Florida, please contact us for a free consultation! Full Life Comprehensive Care offers a variety of case management, recovery coaching, and sober transportation services with certified addiction professionals.

What Is Sober Transport

Sober Transportation is exactly what it sounds like. A qualified companion helps transport individuals in addiction recovery to where they need to go. Sober transportation can increase motivation, accountability, and recovery potential. The first year of sobriety is especially delicate, carrying the highest risk of relapse. After 1 year of continuous sobriety, a person has a much higher potential for continued sobriety. Sober transportation can help you or your loved one reduce the risk of relapse.

Another common concern for families is making sure their loved one makes it to and from treatment if they are traveling to a different state for care. Having a sober companion for interstate travel highly reduces the risk of relapse while traveling to or from treatment. 

If traveling to Florida from out of state, Full Life Comprehensive Care can help transport your loved one and even have them housed with a recovery coach or case manager for a period of time. 

Our Sober Transport Services Include

Transportation to doctors appointments

Transportation to different states

Medication monitoring

Transportation to and from therapy or addiction treatment programs

Transportation to and from support groups

Transportation for groceries or other errands

Transportation to the airport or other travel requests

Sober companionship and recovery coaching

With our staff of addiction professionals and licensed psychotherapists, we can help each client discover their individual needs and guide them to appropriate resources. Aside from the services listed here, we often develop custom plans for each client. We encourage anyone interested in sober transportation services to call us for a free consultation. We can answer any questions you may have and can help support custom travel requests.

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