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Recovery Coaching


Recovery Coaching

Recovery Coaching in Boca Raton

Recovering from substance use disorder or addictive behavior can be challenging for people to endeavor on their own. Recovery can bring a roller coaster of emotions, triggers, and fears about the future. Failing to achieve recovery goals can leave people feeling discouraged, which can lead to further relapse or continuance of addictive behavior. That said, people are achieving recovery every day. With the right tools, support, and resources – recovery is within reach!

Our recovery coaches in Boca Raton are equipped with a wealth of experience and resources aimed at helping people achieve their goals. We support multiple paths to recovery, helping each client form an individualized treatment plan. We help our clients develop objective goals while identifying and removing barriers to achieve those goals.

If you’d like to know more about our recovery coaching services, contact us today for a free consultation!

What Is A Recovery Coach?

Unlike a “sponsor” in a 12-step fellowship, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, a recovery coach is a trained professional who is hired for their services. A sponsor, who offers their time at no cost, focuses on one modality for recovery: the 12 steps. They share their experience, strength, and hope with a person looking to achieve complete abstinence from alcohol or other substances. 

A recovery coach, on the other hand, supports various modalities to achieve recovery and instead focuses on supporting a client achieve their goals, whether that is moderation, complete abstinence, harm reduction, life skills, or other goals. Recovery coaches are also professionally trained and certified addiction professionals in the State of Florida.

Unlike a standard therapist or an AA sponsor, recovery coaches are typically future-focused, helping clients form treatment plans and staying on course, helping them stay motivated, and guiding them to appropriate resources.

Services Our Recovery Coaches Provide

Forming plans of action

Sober companionship, support, and accountability

Sober Transport

Drug testing, if requested

Monitoring, such as SoberLink

Helping view progress objectively and optimistically

Offering guidance on developing new behavior patterns

Help navigating the medical system and available resources

Because Full Life Comprehensive Care offers a variety of services, your recovery coaching can be combined with case management, individual therapy, monitoring, or even intervention if you are seeking help for a loved one. This allows for one comprehensive treatment plan, all managed by one agency. From day 1 to months or years into recovery, Full Life Comprehensive Care can help you or your loved one achieve their goals.

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